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Get a marketing program specifically for GC’s to get your business name where it needs to be. Google Proof your Brand. Contact us to get started!

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Dominate your local market with a Solid Local Marketing Strategy for Asbestos Abatement Companies. From building a new website, to full advertising campaigns, We take care of it all.

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The Water & Fire restoration industry is very competitive. It pays to have a Specialized Marketing Agency to market your business. Get more leads, more appointments, and more customers. Contact us now!

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One good enough Demolition contract could mean a full year of new jobs. We help you to look good online, so you can focus on closing the deal! Let’s get started now.


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Contractors Ad Agency is a digital marketing agency dedicated to lead generation for the Construction and Environmental industries. From General Contractors, Demolition Companies, Asbestos Abatement and Fire and Water Emergency Response Companies to Mold Removal and Biohazard Cleanup companies. We can get your company to the next level.

How we do it?

The construction industry is very complicated. Most of the time we have not only one target audience. We have to market our services to homeowners and building management companies as well as general contractors and insurance companies at the same time. The message and offers are completely different. A regular marketing agency may not understand the challenges to get results or worst, waste a LOT of your money.

By specializing in Marketing for Construction, Contractors Ad Agency has developed the expertise to build lead generation systems to get new customers on Autopilot for your business. From Industry and Location Specific Website creation and / or optimization, SEO, Google My Business, and Social Media Marketing and Management to Facebook and Google Ads. We take care of ALL the hard work of building your brand online, so you can focus all your efforts to get the job done for your customers.

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Website Development For Contractors

Your website could be the difference between winning a bid or not. When you submit a bid for a job, customers not only look at price. Your website is your brand. A fast loading website with a proper message, current industry images and a good call-to-action strategy, is crucial to convert a visitor into a paying customer.

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Facebook Advertising for Contractors

Facebook has over 2.45 BILLION active users. 42.5% of executives, managers, and supervisors in heavy construction visit Facebook. 89.1% of those same executives have a personal Facebook account, with another 35.2% having a company Facebook account. This makes it a good idea to advertise your business on Facebook. However, advertising without a strategy it is like throwing money down the drain. You can always learn… “if you have the time” Our job is to get customers in front of your brand at the right time. Let’s talk about our Facebook Advertising program for Contractors.

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GOOGLE Organic Lead Generation Strategies for Contractors

It is great when you are getting a steady stream of customers from your lead generation strategy. It is a LOT BETTER when those leads came ORGANICALLY (FREE) from Google. That is our goal with every single ad campaign we design for our customers. Nothing bad with paying for leads, but there has to be a strategy to grow your brand organically.

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LinkedIn Outreach Program for Contractors

With nearly 700 million active users in 2020, LinkedIn’s expanded from a networking site for professionals to one of the top social media platforms. As LinkedIn’s continued to evolve by adding new features, like live video, it’s steadily grown its user base. While the LinkedIn audience still skews towards career-minded professionals, the industries, interests, and demographics represented on the platform have become much broader since its launch. This presents a great opportunity to connect with decision makers. We have designed a LinkedIn Outreach program specifically for construction companies and Contractors. From the initial message to the lead management, we got you covered. Contact us today!

Not All Marketing Agencies Are The Same.

Any marketing agency will be able to talk about ad strategy, web development, google my business optimization and SEO. However, not all industries are the same. For example, the Asbestos Abatement Industry is very different from an e-commerce. The construction industry has a very distinct audience. The way we talk about our business and even the look and feel of a contractor’s website should be completely different from a general local business.

Working with a marketing agency that specializes in working with construction and environmental companies is crucial to be able to generate the return on investment you need to be successful with your marketing efforts. Get started with a good and steady flow of lead generation while developing your business brand. Click the button below to schedule a marketing strategy call today!



LinkedIn Strategy For Contractors

LinkedIn is a great place to connect with your target prospects. It is also a great place to get new customers on demand.

  • Cleanup Your LinkedIn Profile: Before you invite prospects to connect, you want to make sure that your profile has all the signals of a good connection. Remember, it is not about what you want. It’s all about what THEY want and how you can make it happen for them. Having a good profile picture and other industry related images along with clear information about what you do and how your customers benefit, it is the best way to get guard down from skeptical prospects.
  • Do Your Research: Don’t just send invitations to connect. Make sure that you can provide some value to each connection in your network.
  • Connection Request: Design a simple message to request connections (NOT TO SELL). You only have 299 characters to craft your message. You should have a brief explanation that answers these two questions: “Who are you? and Why Should I Connect With You?” You can send up to 100 connection requests per search with the LinkedIn FREE account. Anyway, you should not send more than 100 request per day. Any more than that and LinkedIn may think you are spamming and may suspend your account. Everything can be done. If you want to send more requests than that, contact us, and we can help.
  • Be Ready For Success: You are going to get new connections. Be ready. Have Two more messages ready for when you get new connections. Depending on your style, you could have a “thank you for connecting” message and a few days later you could send an email with a “Formal Introduction” with a little more information about your business (NOT TO SELL).
  • Schedule A CALL: After you have made the connection and have traded a few messages it’s time to put on your “SALES HAT” and look to schedule a call. The message should be focused on expanding resources for both. For example, you could send a message like this: Hi John, As you know, I own an asbestos abatement company in Indiana. I am always looking for opportunities to expand the services and resources I can offer my customers. I would like to know a little more about “COMPANY NAME” and how we can work together. Are you available for a call this week?”

At that point it’s all on you. The better your research in the second step, the more chances of getting a new customer this week. So, my advice… “Do Your Research Well”

There are many other things we can do to automize your lead generation on LinkedIn. If you would like Contractors Ad Agency to run the LinkedIn Outreach program for you and your company, enter your information below, and we will contact you within 24 hours to get started.

Facebook Lead Generation for Contractors 

Of course, the fastest way to get customers for contractors on Facebook, is by running paid ads. However, there is no point on running ads if you are just sending people to a page and hoping they like what they see. You need a solid strategy and a relevant audience to be effective on Facebook.

Here is a basic strategy to get customers this week using Facebook

  • Your Personal Facebook Profile: You will need a personal (CLEAN) Facebook profile. If you do not feel comfortable using your current personal FB profile, it is OK. Just create one with image and content for WORK. The idea is that your Business FB Page and your personal profile are connected. Remember, “People Buy From People, Not Companies” unless your company is Coca-Cola. Earlier I mentioned a CLEAN Personal FB Profile. By CLEAN, I mean that your FB profile is clean of profanity, nudity, politics, religion and too many unrelated posts. You want to make sure that if a possible customer visits your FB profile, they can relate to your content.
  • Your Business Brand Image: Before you start, we want to make sure that your Business Facebook page is ready for visitors. If you do not have a Business Facebook Page, click here to schedule a call, and we can help you create one. If you have your Business Facebook Page already, let’s start.
  • Your FB Business Page Header (Main Image on Top of the page) should be 100% related to the business service you are promoting. For example, if you have a Demolition Company, you probably do many types of demolition like, Residential, Industrial, Commercial, etc… If you are trying to get more Commercial Jobs, your Business FB page header (main image) should be of commercial demolition jobs. If you can have team members or field pictures of someone in the management team, is best.
  • Your company information like Description of services, location, phone numbers, contact person, hours of operations should be completed and as detailed as possible. The better information you have on Facebook the better the conversion rate (1 Conversion = 1 new customer).
  • CALL-TO-ACTION: In your Business FB Page has a Call-to-action button that you can customize to the action you want your visitors to do to get in contact. I would recommend having a Contact Us button.
  • Content: It is important to have some content already in your news feed before you invite your target audience to connect. Look for related content and share it from your page. A GREAT strategy is using content from some of your Target companies. For example, if you are an Asbestos Abatement or Demolition Company look for big GC’s that you may want to connect with like Patterson Horth or National Staffing Agencies like CRM Workforce Solutions. Go to their website and look for the Facebook link. It Is Usually at the bottom of the main page or on top of the header. From their Facebook Page, share a few of their posts to your page. They will receive a message letting them know that your Business FB Page shared their post. This also helps to start the conversation.
  • Social Proof – No one wants to be the first. After sharing some Facebook posts, now you need to get Page Likes. However, new prospects may not want to connect with your business page if you don’t have likes already. This is called “Social Proof”. So, this is where you need your friends, partner companies and vendors to help you out. You can easily send them a request to like your FB Page. NOTE: If you are new to Facebook or do not have a good pool of people to reach out to, there are many cheap ways to get Page Likes but, it is crucial to get at least 100 likes before you start a successful Facebook Outreach Strategy. If you are not sure where to start, Click HERE to schedule a call and I personally will help you to get started.
  • Be Prepared For Success: Craft a few messages to be ready for when you start getting page likes and accepted friend requests. In the next step we are going to be targeting specific companies you can get Contracting Jobs from. So, it is very important to be ready. The first message should be a “Thank You For Liking My Page” message. You should have a simple 2 sentences MAX “Thank You” message that explains what you do and how your customers benefit from your services. Example, “Hey John, thank you for liking Super Demo Expert Facebook page. We are a small Demolition company in Atlanta Georgia, and we help GC’s with Commercial projects. Let me know if I can help you or your team.” You should also add your email and phone number to the message. The other message you are going to need is a message to send contacts when they accept your friend request. The format should be the same. Something like: “Hey John, thank you for accepting my friend request. We are a small Demolition company in Atlanta Georgia, and we help GC’s with Commercial projects. Let me know if I can help you or your team.” also include your phone number and email address.
  • Reaching Out To Target Companies: Now we are ready to start connecting with companies that we want to target. 1) Make a list of all the companies you already work with and another list of companies you would like to get business from. 2) go to their Business FB Page. Like their page as your page (Here is How: on the right, under the header picture, there are three dots “. . .” If you click there, it will open a drop down and one of the options is to like as your page) 3) Look for industry Facebook groups. Here is How: on the TOP LEFT side on FB there is a search bar. Enter your target industry like General Contractors or Restoration Companies or Asbestos Companies. A list will appear under your search bar. Select Pages. Facebook will show all pages that match your search term. Like them as your page. Do not like more than 100 pages a day. Facebook may flag you for SPAM if you like more than 100 pages a day. If you do get FLAGGED for SPAM, some functions like Sharing, Liking or Friend Requests will be disabled. Do Not Panic! It normally takes 24 to 48 hours for Facebook to remove the Flag.
  • Patience Is A Virtue: Once you finish both lists WAIT. Give it a day or two. We do this to make the next step more organic.
  • Reaching Out To PEOPLE that manage your Target Companies: Now that your FB Business Page likes your target companies’ FB Pages, we will work the magic to connect with the people that manage the companies you want to target. On FB Search bar, type the names of the companies in your list. This time when the list shows up under your search bar, select PEOPLE and select your city or state. This time, FB will show you a list of people that are connected to the companies on your list. Start sending invitations. NOTE: it is a good idea to open the profiles so you can be sure that it is a good contact and not only someone that had worked there before. When the target contact receives the Request to Connect, they will get a message that says something like this: Bob Gregor sent you a friend request. When the contact clicks on your profile they will see that you have Liked the Business Page for their Job. Now you have a something in common with your new target contact. As soon as you start receiving the messages letting you know that your contact accepted your friend request, start sending the messages you created earlier.

There are many ways to make this happen. However, this Facebook Outreach Strategy is one of the most effective ways to get paying clients for construction and service industry companies.

If you would like Contractors Ad Agency to run the full campaign for you, enter your information below, and we will contact you within 24 hours to make it happen.

Google Leads – Organic Strategy

Do you have a Phone Book at home?

If you do, SAVE IT! In a few years they will be considered a Collectible.

Today, people look for services from local businesses on their phones. Of course the main search engine used is Google. There are over 5 BILLION searches every DAY on Google and over 40% of those searches are for local services and products. When someone searches for local services on Google, they get a map and a list of the Top 3 listings that matches the search term. Over 30% of all searches for local services click on the first three listings under the area map. That list it’s called “Google’s 3-Pack”

Google’s 3-Pack. How Does It Work?

Google wants to make sure that every person that searches for a term on Google, gets only the most relevant results. So if someone is searching for an Asbestos Abatement Company in Detroit, Michigan, Google is going to look at the listings for Asbestos Abatement companies in Detroit, MI and selects the top three and shows them on the 3-Pack. All that within a second or two.

Because google, matches the information of the listing to your company website, you will need a company website for a successful Google Organic Lead Generation Campaign. Even dough it could happen, it will be very hard to get to the 3-Pack without a website.

You can use a one of the free Website Builders like: or, or you can search for more free website builders by typing on google search: “Free Website Builder”


If you prefer a custom-built website by Contractors Ad Agency

For $2,500 we can build a website specifically for you and your industry including all images and copy already SEO optimized and make your Google My Business Listing.

All our websites are Lead Generation Optimized and completely upgradeable. We also include Facebook and LinkedIn profiles for your company with a basic social media strategy for contractors.

Either way, if you need help with your website, Click Here, and we can point you in the right direction.

How to get on the 3-Pack?

Step 1- You will need to start with a Google My Business Listing.

To get a GMB listing, log in to your Gmail or get a free Gmail if you need one by visiting Make sure that you are logged in ONLY to the Gmail account you are planning to use for business. Once you are logged in, visit and click on Sign in. If you do not have a GMB Listing already google will give you the opportunity to register a new business.

NOTE: Make sure that you enter as much information you can. The better and more relevant information, the more chances you have to show up in google searches. If you created a new GMB listing, you will need to confirm your business address (even if you do not have a brick and mortar location) Google wants to make sure that you have a real business. Google will send you a post card with a code. It should take 3 to 5 days to get the postcard with the code. Once you get it, log in to Google My Business and activate your listing by entering your code. After that, You are DONE with Step 1.

Step 2- GMB Listing Optimization

Sometimes we hear OPTIMIZATION and get frustrated because there are many ways to do to get to the same outcome and everyone has a different way to do it. There are many Technical ways to optimize and may require some Tech knowledge. However, this is a basic strategy and anyone can get it done.

Let’s start optimizing: 1- Go to and search for the search term that someone would search for to find your service.

For Example: If you have a Demolition Company in Miami, FL and you want more Commercial Jobs in the city of Doral, Google Search: Commercial Demolition Company in Doral, FL. Write down the names of the top three companies under the map (Google’s 3-Pack).

Research: Open each company in the 3-Pack Google listings and write down:

1- How many Reviews they have?

2- How many images they have relevant to Commercial Demolition?

3- How many times they mention the city of Doral?

4- How many times they mention Commercial Demolition?

5- How easy is to get a hold of them? Do they have a valid phone number? Do they have a valid Email?

On their website:

1- Do they show their reviews on their website?

2- In the main page, how many images they have relevant to Commercial Demolition?

3- How many times they mention the city of Doral? Is there a page, specifically for Commercial Demolition in the City of Doral?

4- How many times they mention Commercial Demolition?

5- How easy is to get a hold of them on the main page? Do they have a valid phone number listed on the TOP Right? Do they have a valid Email or Contact Form at the beginning of the website?

After taking down this information, all you need to do to optimize your GMB listing and WEBSITE is to add more relevant information than they have to your Google My Business listing.

For example, you can have a Service Called: Commercial Demolition Service for the city of Doral, FL and have a service description detailing the Permit process in dealing with the City of Doral permits and how easy it is for your customers because of the relationships your company have with the City of Doral.

You could go to the City of Doral iconic places and take pictures with some equipment and add them to the listing. Having management or crew members in the pictures is great. Make sure that you name the pictures with the keywords. For instance, if you have a picture of the owner with the crew name it something like (Owner John Carter with the crew at Doral Park Project) another picture could be (Super crew at lunch – Doral City Bank project)

NOTE: If any of the companies on Google’s 3-Pack does not have a website, YOU ARE GOLDEN! That means that for that search term, you can easily take their place on the Google’s 3-Pack. All you need is to implement the changes listed or click the button below to schedule a strategy call if you need help.

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